J.S. Hart grew up in a small town in Bulgaria, surrounded by books and not much else. Her writing journey started in middle school with writing short stories, school plays, and cringy fanfiction that will never see the light of day.

Now J. is a single mother, avid reader, and an unapologetic book hoarder who likes puzzles, coffee, and maybe four people. She loves all things paranormal and fantasy, and secretly, her cold, black heart beats really fast when she reads about world-shattering passionate romance. That and a lot of smart, sarcastic, powerful supernatural men. Oh, and let’s not forget sexy because why would we?

She enjoys reading and writing stories with strong female characters and irresistible male counterparts that slowly but surely work on ruining real men for her readers. She focuses mainly on paranormal stories with lots of steam and adult themes, her new obsession being stories with reverse harems.

When she is not making people cry or laugh, she likes to paint, watch anime, and occasionally meet with her very extroverted friends. Bribes and promises for delicious food are usually involved.