About Me

    I’m a writer, a blogger, and a mom.

   Ever since I can remember I have always preferred reading or telling stories over anything and everything else.

   I fell in love with words at a very young age and even though my priorities and goals in life have changed, writing has always been the one thing that I could never do without.

My Books

For me, writing is not just a pleasant past-time. It is love, hard work, inspiration, and an opportunity to connect, to share thoughts, and to bring ideas and dreams to life.

My Passions

    I love words in every shape or form. I love reading them, writing them, editing them. I’ve finished writing several fiction books which you can now check on DREAME.

    My newest passion is reading manga. I fell in love with it thanks to a friend’s recommendation and I’ve been reading it to a point where my writing is starting to suffer.

   I live and breathe art – movies, theater, music or dance. I’m in, all the way. 

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

John C. Maxwell