Scarlett Strange is an aspiring fantasy writer and a full-time hopeless dreamer. She loves all things fantasy and secretly, her cold, black heart beats really fast when she reads about true, passionate romance. For her, writing strong, smart female characters that can solve their own problems is a matter of pride, but somehow the powerful, confident and sometimes morally gray leads tend to steal the show. That or the intricate, fast-paced plots of her books, which is fine enough because she enjoys killing people and making problems for everyone (fictionally, of course).

    She is a single mother and an unapologetic book hoarder and loves her kid, coffee, and maybe four people. She has been writing for over 15 years, starting with short stories, school plays and Harry Potter fanfiction until her muse came to introduce herself and said it was time to do some real work. She dreams of being a big-name author one day, but until that day comes, she is happy to share her stories with people who want to add more raw emotions, adventure and magic to their lives.