Betrayer [Book #2 of The Time Guardian Chronicles]

Series: Betrayer

Book Number: 2

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Sci-fi

Triggers: Blood, Gore, Violence, Murder, Profanity, Sexual Content.

Tropes: The Chosen One/Found Family/Touch-them-and-you-die/Ancient Setting/Parallel World/Badass, witty FL/Smart, cunning ML/.


True power comes from faith, and true strength comes from resolve.

After accidentally teleporting back into a world where darkness reigns supreme and betrayal lurks at every turn, Raven and Arden find themselves facing their most perilous challenge yet. Staying united and true to each other is much harder when every misstep could spell doom for them both.

With the help of a mysterious ally who holds the key to controlling Raven’s unpredictable powers, they delve deeper into the secrets of her world, hoping to uncover the truth about Hathan and Raven’s forgotten past. But as it turns out, some mysteries are better left unknown.

To save Arden’s world from a war she has started, Raven is forced to take a desperate gamble. If she wins, she might find the one thing that can save them all. But if she loses, she might just condemn everyone to eternal darkness.