Chosen [Book #1 of The Time Guardian Chronicles]

Series: The Time Guardian

Book Number: 1

Genre:  Romantic fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi Elements

Triggers: Blood, Gore, Violence, Murder, Profanity, Sexual Content.

Tropes: The Chosen One/Found Family/Touch-them-and-you-die/Ancient Setting/Parallel World/Badass, witty FL/Smart, cunning ML/.


To have faith is to believe not when everything is certain, but when nothing is.


Living in a world with no sun, murderous bastards for leaders, and fighting being the highest form of entertainment, Raven has no faith left. Not in the people, not in the universe, and definitely not in herself. But when the deadliest chase of her life plunges her into a world ruled by sunlight, peace, and cities full of abundance, her lack of faith is challenged.

Her arrival triggers a thousand-year-old prophecy that sets her on a path far more dangerous than anything she has ever faced before. To survive and find a way back, Raven must learn to play by the rules of this deadly place.

The assassination attempts aren’t a problem. The court intrigues aren’t a problem. Even the dangerous king who seems obsessed with her isn’t a problem. It is the thing that wakes beneath her skin that might prove to be her biggest challenge yet.

To survive, she must make a choice.

Answer the call she has been ignoring or return to the darkness that now whispers her name.