Her Highness's Second Life [Book #2 of The Second Wife Duology]

Series: The Second Wife Duology

Book Number: Book 2

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Adventure, Isekai

Triggers: Attempted murder & sexual assault, Amputation, Torture, Body Mutilation, Cult, Harem, Hostages, Kidnapping, Pregnancy/Childbirth/Miscarriage(close to it, not actually happening), Self-harm(only mentioned), Stalking, Sexually explicit scenes.

Tropes: why choose, antihero, touch-her-and-you-die, enemies-to-lovers, found family, magic, rebirth, soul mates.


After transmigrating into the last book she read, Lydia Miles became Raena Magrath – the wife of Prince Kassian, the third prince of the Etrobia Empire and the most controversial person in the Capital.

Her plan was simple – just wait it out while the events unfold and don’t get involved. But fate had other plans, so she found herself right in the middle of it all. After living through several assassination attempts, catching the eye of some dangerous people, and ending up torn between two men desperate to have her, Raena somehow survived and won herself the things she never had in real life – a loving partner, a beautiful family and true friends that never left her side even when their own lives were in danger.

Five years passed filled with joy, laughter, and peace and now there is a new threat on the horizon, one Raena is not even aware of. Representatives of the mysterious new continent arrive in Etrobia under the guise of forging a trading relationship with the Empire, but their enigmatic leader is interested in something entirely different. 

Someone like him, someone that is not from this world. Someone like Raena.

And if dealing with assassins, getting tricked, played with, and separated from her family is not enough, Raena has one more thing to worry about. The dreams of her world are back and they are getting clearer and more real than ever.

Will she be able to keep her family and friends safe, her secrets carefully protected, and her heart in one piece? Or will she be forced to do the one thing she swore she would never do? 

Find a way back to her world.