‘Reading a book is all fun and games until you end up inside of it.’

After being stabbed in the real world, Lydia Myles wakes up in the body of Lady Raena Magrath, the weak, useless daughter of the Prime Minister of the Etrobia Empire and a fictional character in the worst romance book Lydia has ever read.

Raena’s role is to become the insignificant second wife of the Empire’s most renowned warrior, Prince Kassian Etrobia. He is supposed to divorce her when he falls madly in love with the main character of the book — a slave girl from a recently conquered kingdom. Not only that, but both his Imperial brothers are expected to succumb to the charms of the same woman.

Lydia’s plan is simple: Get rich. Get divorced. Get far, far away from the main characters and definitely don’t get entangled in their drama. Finally, get out of Etrobia and find some quiet, safe city to live a life of luxury and pleasure before the war that is brewing over the Empire breaks out. It shouldn’t be that hard when she already knows what is going to happen, right?

There is only one tiny problem. She never finished reading the book.

Blood will spill, heads will roll and amid all that, love will blossom — a love powerful enough to destroy all of her plans and put in danger everything and everyone she holds dear.


    1. Hello! Currently it’s only available on the Dreame app (and its sister-apps), but they are working on making a paperback version available on Amazon <3 I'll add a link to it on this page once it is available!

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