My Omega Mate

Genre: Paranormal Romance, LGBT+, MM Romance, Mystery

Triggers: Abuse (physical and mental), Attempted murder & sexual assault, Anxiety, Bullying, Blood/Gore/Poisoning, Kidnapping/Forced Captivity, Homophobia, Swearing, PTSD, Sexually explicit scenes, Torture/Violence/Murder.

Tropes: fated mates, special blood, family secrets, touch-him-and-you-die.


Strength comes in many forms.


After taking over The Whitecrest Pack five years ago, Alpha Maxwell has sworn to return his father’s pack to its former glory and make it the strongest on the continent. So far, no one has resisted his power and the strength of his warriors and he is not lacking in anything. Except for a Luna, as his beta keeps reminding him.

After forging treaties with all the major werewolf communities in the northern part of the content, it’s time to sit at the table with his biggest competitor – The Ironclaw Pack, who is unofficially ruling the South.

As the representatives of the Ironclaw Pack arrive, Maxwell’s confidence falters as his wolf growls “MATE!” as soon as the delegation walks in. Heart racing, he searches for his fated soulmate, his breath catching in his throat as he realizes three things.

His mate is his enemy.

His mate is an Omega.

His mate is also a man.