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Remnants of Souls [Book 2 of Remnants Trilogy]

Remnants of Souls [Book 2 of Remnants Trilogy]

Series: The Remnants Trilogy

Book Number: 2

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

Triggers: Attempted murder, Blood/Gore, Cult, Gun Violence, Eugenics, Occultm Racism (in universe), Swearing, Torture/Violence/Murder, War, Demons.

Tropes: superpowers, touch-her-and-you-die, weak-to-strong heroine, morally gray ML, magic, rebirth, gods, mythology, end of the world.


“They have made a terrible mistake. One that our family will use to come back and claim what was taken from us. We’ve slept long enough. It’s time to live again. It’s time to rule again.” 


‘She is dead. I killed her.’

This has been the thought that William has gone to bed with and woken up with for the past six months. And he is determined to bring her back no matter the consequences, no matter the sacrifice. To succeed he needs to find the Asi sword – an artifact so powerful that it’s rumored to even be able to create a rift through dimensions.

But crossing into purgatory and bringing her back from the dead is not William’s only problem. 

After losing the Order and most of his followers, Damien is determined to get back what is rightfully his. And what better way to do that than destroying even the smallest chance for success for William’s plan for a peaceful resolution with the humans? The massacres in broad daylight, the public assassinations, and the mindless destructions with no regard for innocent life are definitely helping rile up the humans and widen the chasm between their kinds.

And while the conflict deepens and each side demands blood, something old and powerful is waking up from its restless slumber. The ones that once ruled the world are ready to break from their prison and reclaim their power again.

And this time, the door is wide open.