Title: Remnants of Souls

Series: Book 2 from the ‘Remnants Trilogy’

Genre: Fantasy / Romance /Adventure

Status: Ongoing


“They have made a terrible mistake. One that our family will use to come back and claim what was taken from us. We’ve slept long enough. It’s time to live again. It’s time to rule again.”

Annabel is dead.

William is doing everything in his power to bring her back. To succeed he needs to find the Asi sword, an artifact so powerful and old that it’s rumored to even be able to can create a tear through dimensions.

But bringing her from the dead is not his biggest problem.

On one side there is Damien, weakened but determined to get back what is rightfully his. He uses any opportunity to wreak havoc and destroy any chance of peaceful resolution on their conflict with the humans.

On the other side, the human forces are growing more powerful and coordinated, creating weapons and gear that not only could oppose their powers but hurt them too. And ever since Senator Bradbury’s death William is number one on their most wanted list.

Dead, rather than alive.