Title: Somber Song

Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Thriller /Werewolf 

Status: Completed


Amelia Brayden is content with the life she chose for herself – a normal, uneventful, human life. Away from danger, away from violence and away from the most important person in her life. It was better that way, or so she kept telling herself.

Her conviction starts to waver when her brother shows up after four years and drags her back home. She is forced to face the pack she left behind and the mate she heartlessly abandoned and deal with the aftermath of her decision. On top of all that, their alpha and her foster father is withering away after a mysterious rogue werewolf bit him.

Things become even more complicated as more shocking secrets emerge to the surface and shatter everything she knew about her family, her past, and her heritage. To protect those she holds most dear, she is forced to continue the unique line that her blood family had been protecting for generations.

But can she do it when that means giving up on her life, her love, and her freedom?