Rise of Heroes [The Forbidden Blood #1]


Jaden has only known struggle and sacrifice throughout his life. Being the heir to a kingdom plagued by demons, he has seen enough death and suffering to last him a lifetime. But what he doesn’t know is that his fight is just starting.

Following the last request of his dying father, Jaden agrees to marry a young princess from another kingdom that he has never even met. But as his betrothed, Elaine Niabard, and her older sister, Isabelle, arrive in Roder for the wedding, he realizes that the strings of his heart are playing the wrong tune. Torn between his duty and his growing desire, he has to make a choice that could either save or condemn his people.

To make matters worse, the demons are growing bolder and smarter. With their darkness stretching its deadly claws further and further into the land, the magic that once saved the world is waking up once more. 

The time of reckoning has come. The Third Shadow War has begun.

Gift of Darkness [The Forbidden Blood #2]


Isabelle had always known that one day she would become the Queen of Keldar. But after everything that happened in Roder and the things she learned about the demons, the world, and herself, that future doesn’t seem so firmly set in stone. Not if she could help it.

Trying to navigate through the intrigues and traps of the Golden court while keeping her powers a secret because magic is outlawed in Keldar, turns out to be more than she could handle alone. And while helping hands reach out towards her with promise, not all are safe to take.

To make matters worse, right after Isabelle’s wedding, urgent messages from the Temple of the Oracle arrive to summon every descendant of the ancient magical bloodlines, leaving her to make a difficult choice.

Be a queen or be a witch.