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The Rebirth of the Witch Queen

Rebirth of the Witch Queen

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Reverse Harem

Triggers: Abusive relationship, Mental abuse/ Bullying (off-page), Contract Marriage, Attempted murder & sexual assault, Blood/Gore/Poisoning, Child death, Kidnapping, PTSD, Swearing, Sexually explicit scenes, Slavery, Torture/Violence/Murder.

Tropes: weak-to-strong FL, cursed ML, touch-her-and-you-die, contract marriage, found family, magic, rebirth, soul mates.


A dutiful queen. A devoted wife. An ideal partner. 

That is all Adeline ever wanted to be in her life. That and a woman loved by her husband, the king of Maerania. 

All she got, in the end, was being branded a witch and burned at the stake.

But as fate would have it, her death was just the beginning. 

After her consciousness mysteriously returns to her younger self, before she gets engaged to the future king of Maerania, Adeline decides she would change her fate.

First, she would claim her vast inheritance and for that, she would need a husband – one she could control and divorce in one year so she could keep her wealth, and title and avoid getting entangled with the crown prince.

Second, she would get back at everyone who ever hurt or betrayed her and bring them the same suffering they brought her. Especially the man who broke her heart and mercilessly killed her. 

Third, she would find love again. Love that is kind, sweet, passionate, and most of all – love that is shared and cherished and that does not come with conditions or sacrifices. True love and nothing less would do, even if she has to wait a lifetime.

And the answer to all of that has a name. Kaden Knox.

Join Adeline as she sets on a path of truth and revenge only to discover that the world is not as simple as she thought and that there is more magic in her life than she ever noticed before.