Title: The Time Guardian: The Betrayer

Series: Book 2 from ‘The Time Guardian’

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Romance

Status: In-Progress


After being crowned The Chosen, the savior of the world from Darkness, Raven is pulled back into her own world. But this time she is not alone.

After two assassination attempts, one failed wedding and a quick trip to the lair of the beast, Raven finally accepts she is the Chosen and she sucks at it. But she is the best they’ve got.

As her luck would have it, her coronation is barely over when she gets sucked back into her world… along with Arden. In the dark, gray, disgusting Boston they are struggling to find their way back to Jernen, all while trying to stay out of the clutches of Verizon.

Unprepared, outgunned and at each other’s throats, Raven and Arden have no chance to survive Verizon or the terrible secret they discover.

What they need is nothing short of a miracle.

Or a curse.