Title: The Time Guardian: The Chosen

Series: Book 1 from ‘The Time Guardian’

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Romance

Status: In-Progress


A thief with a forgotten past, living in a world with no future, finds that she can travel through worlds that one by one are destined to die, killed by a creature called The Darkness.

Raven is a thief, a scavenger, and a low-level criminal.

She is also dead.

Or at least that is the only logical explanation she can come up with when she finds herself thrown in a world with actual sun she can see. Not to mention a ridiculous thousand-year-old prophecy that claims that a savior will emerge to fight the darkness and save the world.

Raven has no desire to be a hero or to fight anything that can actually kill her, but how can a person who has nothing turn down the offer of endless riches, powers and oh, being the true ruler of the world?

The plan is simple.

Get crowned. Kill the big bad darkness. Rule.

There is only one small problem – not everybody is so eager to be saved.