Name: Celeste/Celestia(old)

Race: Witch

Hates: Betrayal, Injustice, Feeling Weak

Fears: Getting betrayed again and losing the ones she loves.

Loves: Magic, Books, and Pretty things.

Character: Celeste has been the most powerful witch alive for centuries, and that made her slightly arrogant and dismissive. She has trouble trusting and letting people in, but deep down, she just wants to be accepted and loved. She is viciously loyal and extremely protective of those she considers her people, but she has a mean streak and no problem with taking lives or making people suffer.

Backstory: Celeste was born to a human man and a witch from the Coven of the Black Sisters. She had a younger sister, Sybil. After manifesting their powers, necromancy was the first thing they learned, but while Celestia had an affinity for it, she feared death, so she shunned that part of herself in favor of the fire in her heart. After dying and coming back to life several times, her fear of death vanished and she returned to her roots, using her power to hunt and hurt anyone who she deemed ‘evil’. She used her immortality to study all kinds of magic, experiment, and create and share that knowledge with others, although she rarely received credit. The more her power grew, the harder became to make any positive connections with other witches since they were too afraid or too envious of her. 


Name:  Roman

Race: Vampire (1211 years old)

Hates: Abusive people, Getting looked down upon, Getting ordered

Fears: Being rejected by his soulmate.

Loves: Books and Teaching

Character: Growing up in a family where monogamy was a foreign concept, Roman has a very open understanding of love and commitment. With the abuse he suffered, he developed a need for order and power that was borderline manic, but he is extremely fair and respectful to everyone who isn’t on his bad side. To the people he considers precious to him – Celeste, and later others – he is sweet, caring, and even overbearing with care, because he wants to protect them, even at the expense of his own life.

Backstory: Roman grew up among cruel siblings and even crueler father until one day his sweet and caring mother was beaten to death and Roman snapped. After getting turned into a vampire by a stranger who offered him the power to enact his revenge, Roman punished his family, killing everyone in the house and leaving his home without looking back. With nothing to care about or strive for, he just followed his maker around and did their bidding, no matter how bloody, vicious, and inhuman it was. It wasn’t until he met Celeste in one of her dark periods that he found a reason to rise above being just a bloodthirsty monster. 

Name: Isaac Linwood

Race: Werewolf (86 years old)

Hates: Witches, vampires

Fears: Losing the people he loves.

Loves: Cozy fire, Delicious food, Time spent with friends and family

Character: From a very young age he was taught that family and pack are the most important things in a wolf’s life and everything else came in second. The loss of his birth family, as well as most of his adoptive family, made him paranoid about protection and duty.

Backstory: Isaac had a happy childhood until his older sister disappeared and his pack was destroyed by Celeste – or so he thought for the longest time. As the only survivor of the massacre, Isaac swore to kill the witch the next time she woke to avenge his people. After running away from the masacre he was found by another alpha and taken in by his pack. The Alpha fostered him until he became of age, but his second father died in World War II after being drafted. Meanwhile Isaac fell in love with the Alpha’s daughter and even though she ended up not being his mate, they were planning a future together. That was until witches attacked the weakened pack and killed her and a few others. Isaac swore to kill all witches that wronged him and his people so when the pack offered him to take the Alpha spot, he refused saying he would only do so after he fulfills his oath. Isaac later returned to become the alpha of the pack and relocated them closer to his old land so that once the witch who killed his family rose from the dead, he could kill her and fulfill his duty.