TSW Encyclopedia

The Werewolves

Facts about werewolves:

North America Packs:

Alpha: Isaac Linwood

Beta: Allison Millford

Size: 480 people

Markings: At the age of 18, they get a tattoo of a claw with a drop of blood falling from it(it’s optional but it’s a matter of pride), to remind them of the people they lost and their belonging to the pack.

Alpha: Daniel Harding

Beta: James Harding

Size: 977 people

Markings: The Alpha’s Family comes from British nobility and is super rich. Every member of the pack has to wear the family crest of the ruling family – either on clothes, jewelry, or as tattoos.

Alpha: Kai Hollis

Beta: Wyatt Morton

Size: 3302 people

Markings: They are mostly native Americans living in a reservation and they wear moonstones around their necks to show their belonging to their pack. 

Alpha: Georgia Briggs

Beta: Maverick Scott

Size: 781 people

Markings: They wear a scorched wolf tooth around their necks, in reverence to the mountain they inhabit.