TSW Encyclopedia

The Witches

Facts about witches:

Existing Covens:

Head Witch: Regina Ashbury

Specialty: Worshipping the Hallowed Goddess(also known as the Three-Faced Goddess) and keeping her favor.

Location: North America

History: This is the central Coven and the biggest of them all, since all witches are required to give tribute to the Hallowed Goddess who blessed them with their magical powers. 

Relation to Celeste: For them, Celeste breaks the will of the Goddess by interrupting the natural cycle of things so they are ‘for’ destroying her in order to appease the Goddess.

Head Witch: Camilla Gonzales

Specialty: Creation of magical objects

Location: South America 

History: They used to be located in North Europe but migrated to America shortly after its discovery because of all the valuables ores and natural magical ingredients that can be used in their welting. They are the best magical object creators and can do pretty much anything using the magical Silver Flame that has been burning for millenniums. 

Relation to Celeste: They are not friendly to Celeste because she attacked them in the past, killing many of their witches. They carry a deep grudge. 

Head Witch: Tenzin Khandu

Specialty: Study of magic origin and the soul

Location: Central Asia 

History: Their coven is believed to be the oldest in the world and their leader is the most knowledgeable witch alive in the world (after Celeste). 

Relation to Celeste: They consider Celeste an abomination and a source of dis-balance, so they are all for stripping her of her power and permanently killing her.

Head Witch: Edna Whitmore

Specialty: Politics, keeping the witches and magic a secret from the humans

Location: North Europe 

History: They have made it their job to protect the secrets of all covens, mainly from humans. They have integrated themselves in politics, education, science, etc. to control the narrative and feed misinformation when necessary so their kind is not discovered.

Relation to Celeste: They are ‘for’ putting Celeste down since she can’t be controlled, which makes her a liability.

Head Witch: Morenna Cloven

Specialty: Healing

Location: North America 

History: The coven existed long before the discovery of America, but one that has grown considerably since then. They keep their location hidden from everyone, even most witches. There is no violence rule on their lands and they offer sanctuary and healing to everyone who seeks it (even other races and humans). 

Relation to Celeste: They have a good relationship with Celeste since she saved them from extinction during the Salem Witch trials.

Head Witch: Shen Meihui

Specialty: Collecting and preserving all knowledge related to magic (and the supernatural)

Location: Asia 

History: They are obsessed with knowledge, especially if it’s related to witches’ powers and magic. They have collection houses all around the world and connections to all the major libraries. Most of their witches don’t have an active social life, so they dedicate themselves to research and restoration of books. 

Relation to Celeste: They want to learn everything Celeste knows, so as long as she can provide them with information, they are all ‘for’ letting her live.

Head Witch:  Imogen Birrani

Specialty: Studying plans, potions, poisons

Location: Australia 

History: They study plants and animals, both related to magical potions and non-magical uses. They often work in research for perfumes, cosmetics, pills, etc. 

Relation to Celeste: They are neutral to Celeste’s existence so long as she doesn’t bother them.

Head Witch: Adisa Abara

Specialty: Spell experimentation, free rein

Location: Africa, but their members are mostly scattered all over the world

History: They were a small coven in Europe that was destroyed, but Adisa’s predecessor revived it and made it all about freedom and choice.

Relation to Celeste: Neutral. They steer clear of conflicts and fear Celeste.

Head Witch: Elsbeth Crowe

Specialty: Necromancy and study of the dead

Location: Europe

History: Considerably small coven nowadays, but extremely powerful and deadly; even the Order avoids them when they can. Celeste’s mother was part of this coven, and so was Celeste in her youth.

Relation to Celeste: They revere her because of her power and connection to death.